The happy world of Corby Tindersticks

Corby Tindersticks Corby Tindersticks Corby Tindersticks Corby TindersticksCorby Tindersticks Corby Tindersticks Corby Tindersticks

I already knew the handmade soft toys from Corby Tindersticks. But when I was at Playtime Paris, I saw a whole Corby-Tindersticks-World! Besides handmade soft toys, there were prints, home decor, clothing and accessories aimed at children aged 0-7 years, and adults too! WOW! I immediatly fell in love with all those happy products! Everything is screen-printed in England and all the toys and prints are hand finished in the East London studio. The brand is very distinctive and known for the big-headed, fat bellied, skinny-limbed characters and muted colour palette, but for ‘the Stay Gold collection’ that has all been ousted in favour of bold and beautiful geometric print animals.

We LOVE it all!   //


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